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Soul Travel: Explore the Worlds of God Within You (Zoom/dial-in)

All are welcome to this free spiritual discussion on Zoom. As Soul, a divine spiritual being, learn simple techniques to go within and connect with the source of all truth. Discover spiritual exercises and ideas to help you take your next spiritual step.

Spiritual Stress Relief: 15 Minutes That Can Change Your Life

Visit the Eckankar Table at the “Minds Matter” Mental Health Fair, Schaumburg Central Library, 1–4 pm, and browse our free booklets. Experience HU, an ancient sound and sacred mantra that can restore peace and balance. Explore how chanting HU for 15 minutes a day can transform your life.

Have You Had a Spiritual Experience? (Schaumburg, IL)

Understand the experiences you’ve had to learn more. Explore how these experiences can help you find deeper meaning and solutions in daily life. Enjoy uplifting music and casual conversation with like-minded Souls. All are welcome—share your own experiences, insights, and questions. Or just listen.