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Welcome to the Illinois Eckankar Members Area

Dear Fellow ECK Chela,

Welcome to Eckankar in Illinois and the Illinois Satsang Society!

In his book The Spiritual Laws of Life, Sri Harold Klemp states (page 175): "To serve is an expression of divine love." As the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, it is Sri Harold’s mission to show Soul the way home to God. This simply means introducing Soul to the Mahanta and the ECK teachings. All areas of service support the Mahanta's mission. What do you love to do? How would you like to serve in the Illinois Satsang Society? Or perhaps you would like to talk to someone about ways you can serve.

Where do you start? I would suggest contacting your local director. You can go to the "Local Area Directors" tab in the table below to get their contact information. Check out our chela calendar for member events, such as a Chela Day after the ECK Worldwide Seminar!

Finally, for me, one of the most precious gifts in ECK is to attend an ECK Satsang class to discuss the ECK discourses with like-minded Souls! Please contact your local director for information on ECK Satsang classes in your area.

Welcome to ECK Satsang, service, and spiritual community! I look forward to meeting you at ECK events in Illinois.

With love in ECK,

Debbie Bryk-Serva

RESA, Illinois

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Illinois Satsang Society Donation

To make a donation to The Illinois Satsang Society, please click the Donate button below. You will be taken to a page where you'll select which funds you'd like to donate to and how much you would like to donate to each fund. If you prefer to make a donation by mail, click here for the printable Donation Form.

If you are interested in starting a Satsang class or would like to join a Satsang class,
please call Spiritual Services Director Flow Van Koten at 760-989.6661 or email Flow at

ECK Arahata Training


  • Be over 18 years old
  • Have a current ECK membership (bring ECK ID to first session)
  • Be a Second Initiate or higher

What is the basic format for Arahata training?

  • HU Chant
  • Review previous class, including homework
  • Discuss a portion of the ECK Arahata Book
  • Exercise, practice, and feedback
  • Homework assignment

With the approval of the trainer, a trainee who has missed one training session may cover the material in individual study. If multiple sessions are missed, it is best to repeat the entire training. We will provide session dates so you are able to plan ahead.

If you wish to sign up for the Arahata Training (usually 6 sessions),
please email Debbie Bryk-Serva at E-mail Debbie.

Please purchase a copy of the ECK Arahata Book by Sri Harold Klemp.

Start reading and contemplating on the first chapter.
If you have any questions, please call Debbie Bryk-Serva at 630-336-1771.

"The purpose of Satsang is not so much to get the 'right' answers as it is to help each person in class find their own relationship with Spirit."

Sri Harold Klemp, ECK Arahata Book, p. 34

Welcome to the Illinois Eckankar Chela Day (To Be Determined)!

"ECK is life itself, the Audible Life Stream. The time is coming that will bring ECK to the world as a universal spiritual belief. Mankind will accept It. ECK will serve all races of people and all countries. The way is being prepared to enable the Mahanta to deliver the worldwide message.”

Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book 1, page 195

All ECK members (families, children, adults) are warmly invited!

Program for Chela Day

Learn More

Dates: To Be Determined

Theme: TBD

Place: Zoom - Virtual on line

Capsule Schedule:

  • Time:        TBD
  • Program: TBD

Program includes video clip from Sri Harold Klemp, RESA updates, small group discussion, creative arts, and more!

Optional donations to the Illinois Satsang Society are appreciated.

We appreciate your gifts of the heart as all of our programs are possible due to the generous donations of ECK members. RSVP:  Please email us at or call 630-336-1771.

The Four ECK Celebrations of Life

"These four ECK Ceremonies celebrate Soul's journey through life.  They are at the heart of the activities of mankind.  In one form or another, this has been the basis for what people do.  As they go through life, they naturally enter these stages and there is some kind of rite of celebration to help them.

"Each stage is a rite of passage, a way of coming into being.

"ECK Clerics (ministers) perform the ECK Consecration Ceremony, the ECK Rite of Passage, the ECK Wedding Ceremony, and the ECK Memorial Service."    —Sri Harold Klemp, Welcome to the Wonderful World of ECK!  p. 47.

ECK members and the public are welcome to contact a qualified ECK cleric about these Four Celebrations of Life Services:

    • the ECK Consecration Ceremony (for young children)
    • the ECK Rite of Passage (for youth ages 13 to 21)
    • the ECK Wedding Ceremony
    • the ECK Memorial Service

A Chela may contact an ECK cleric directly to perform the above services. Please view the Cleric drop-down list below for the clerics in your area. If you are unsure who to contact, then you may call your Local Director or Spiritual Services Coordinator who can help you find an ECK cleric. If needed, a Chela may contact the ISS Clergy Coordinator or the ISS Spiritual Services Director for assistance.

ESA Sessions

An ECK Spiritual Aide (ESA) session, though not counseling, can help you find your own answers in challenging situations through the personal guidance of Divine Spirit. An ESA session is conducted by an ECK Spiritual Aide, a specially appointed and trained ECK cleric. A chela may contact an ESA directly. Please view the Initiator drop-down list below for the ESAs in your area. If you are unsure who to contact, then you may call your Local Director or Spiritual Services Coordinator. If needed, a Chela may contact the ISS Spiritual Services Director for assistance.

ECK Initiations

If you have your pink slip and want to take your outer initiation, please contact an ECK Initiator. Please view the Initiator drop-down list below for the ECK Initiators in Illinois.


There are no fees for the above services. Any donations will be accepted and forwarded to Eckankar.

Cleric CityPhone
Ernie Aehle
Sheila AehleAlton618.462.7928
Chris LikesAlton618.520.6465
Flow Van KotenAlton760.989.6661
Joe BauerAurora
Cathy Johnson
Joe KuhnNaperville630.957.7446
John DawsonChicago773.647.1459
Vicki GeorgasChicago312.420.8641
Martha Hansen
Ellen O'Keefe-MannChicago
Aurora Palladino
Deena Wolfson
Stephanie Browne
Jan Mataka
Glenn Williams
Coal Valley
Debbie Bryk-Serva /
Regional ECK Spiritual Aide
Russell Stern
Susie Stern
Kathy FinertyDes Plaines847.813.5872
Rory Grady
Phyllis Mackh
Downers Grove
RuthAnn Schallert-Wygal
Jerry CwickGlen Ellyn
Janine MooreJohnsburg815.363.6898
Janet Erio
Gisela Regganie
Stan SchultzLindenhurst847.380.2642
Bob BreenLisle630.835.7501
Lamar BushLombard805.331.1616
Steve TwiggMachesney Park815.289.7431
John Decapp
Moline 309.797.3847
Barry MorrisonMoro618.474.0068
Michael Rousonelos
Nancy Rousonelos
Thomas McCartneyPecatonica815.239.2596
David Ings
Rhonda Ings
Mike Adams
Katherine RamseyRockford815.519.7514
Ernest StokesRockford815.963.6078
Peggy EricksonRockton815.624.2837
Brian PoshardRound Lake773.931.5630
Diane Lien
Karen Cheesman
Susan Walusiak
Spring Grove
Wayne Walusiak
Spring Grove
Perry Boggs
Tinley Park
Dennis Roberts
Cindy Keeling
Villa Park
Jody Pieczara Algonquin224.577.6050
Connie Mork

Welcome to the Illinois High Initiates Conference! (To Be Determined)

"Spirit will work with each person, with each of you, in a way that is right for you."
—Sri Harold Klemp, Touching the Face of God, p. 33

Guest Speaker:


  • Learn more about your mission
  • Hear/share inspirational stories of service as a High Initiate
  • Hear unique insights about living your mission here and now


None scheduled at this time. 



For more detailed information on our upcoming High Initiates Conference, please click here: TBD

Initiator (* = ECK Spiritual Aide)
*Debbie Bryk-Serva /
Regional ECK Spiritual Aide
Jody PieczaraAlgonquin224.577.6050
*Ernest AehleAlton618.462.7928
*Sheila AehleAlton618.462.7928
*Chris LikesAlton618.520.6465
*Flow Van KotenAlton760.989.6661
Joe BauerAurora260.479.0020
Cathy JohnsonBrookfield312.593.7690
*Jan MatakaChicago312.243.8579
Ellen O'Keefe-MannChicago (North)773.319.5137
Stephanie BrowneChicago (South)773.590.2174
*Russell SternDeerfield847.607.8506
*Susie SternDeerfield847.607.8506
*Kathy FinertyDes Plaines847.813.5872
*Phyllis MackhDowners Grove630.963.3579
*RuthAnn Schallert-WygalEvanston773.631.4266
*Jerry CwickGlen Ellyn630.460.1453
*Janet ErioJoliet815.274.9028
*Gisela RegganieJoliet815.723.6418
Janine MooreJohnsburg815.403.6920
*Bob BreenLisle630.835.7501
*Steve TwiggMachesney Park815.289.7431
*Barry MorrisonMoro618.474.0068
*Michael RousonelosOswego630.554.5080
Nancy RousonelosOswego630.554.5080
Joe KuhnNaperville630.957.7446
*David IngsPlainfield301.641.4041
*Rhonda IngsPlainfield301.641.1057
*Peggy EricksonRockford815.624.2837
*Ernie StokesRockford815.963.6078
Diane LienSchaumburg847.352.1032
*Susie WalusiakSpring Grove815.675.2274
*Wayne WalusiakSpring Grove815.675.2274
*Dennis RobertsUrbana217.344.0069
Connie MorkYorkville630.882.3525

Debbie Bryk-Serva
Regional ECK Spiritual Aide (RESA)
Janine Moore
Bob Breen
Vice President
Tom Rowen
Chief Financial Officer
Susan Pickar
Assistant Chief Financial Officer
Jody PieczaraSecretary
Debbie Bryk-Serva
RESA / Chairman of the Board & Trustee
Dennis Keeling
Arius HounwanouTrustee
RuthAnn Schallert-WygalTrustee
Mike SavilleTrustee

Debbie Bryk-ServaRegional ECK Spiritual Aide (RESA)
Janine MoorePresident
Bob BreenVice President
Tom RowenChief Financial Officer
Flow Van Koten
Spiritual Services Director
Martha Hansen
Clergy Director
Arahata Director
Kathy FinertyRegional Vahana Team Leader
Mike Saville
Website / Webmaster
Courtney Gallaher
Youth & Family Services Director
Joe Kuhn
Administrative Services Director

Flow Van Koten
Spiritual Services Director
Martha Hansen
Clergy Director
Arahata Director

Mike Saville
Cindy Keeling
H.I. Reviewer & Guidelines Specialist
Joe Kuhn
Website Programmer
Dena AltamoreWebsite Team
Dennis KeelingWebsite Team
Kathy FinertyWebsite Editor

AreaRegionLocal DirectorPhone
Area 1NorthernStephanie Browne773.590.2174
Area 1NorthernAnn D'Antonio708.479.1489
Area 2WesternGlenn Williams309.738.9034
Area 3CentralBill Hughes217.737.2426
Area 4SouthernSheila Aehle618.462.7928

Fundraiser for the Quad Cities Eckankar Center

Friday Fast Wrist Bands

The mental fast is done by keeping your attention on the Mahanta all day long. This helps uplift the individual's state of consciousness by changing old mental structures and ideas.  Please contact the Quad Cities Eckankar Center at 309-430-5200 for ordering information. 

Donation: $3.00

"Do you wonder how to be a good vehicle for ECK or a good Vahana? Keep yourself and your heart open to the Light and Sound of God. This Light and Sound of God are the love of God. Together they make up divine love. This is the force that can heal all sorrows and help people into a new understanding of daily living. And you hold the key."

—Sri Harold Klemp, Wisdom of the Heart, Book 2, p. 75

Vahana Information

If you would like to volunteer for any Vahana activity,
please call Kathy Finerty at 224-567-3089 or E-mail Kathy.


Pocket Poster Information Packet

"The Youth of ECK are the leaders of tomorrow. They will know how to lead by the example of love. The ECK youth will be their own people. Their source of inspiration will come from the Sound and Light of God. Stars of God (as indeed all people are), they will live by the high principles of ECK and be shining examples of a better way to live spiritually."

—Sri Harold Klemp, April 1998 Letter of Light

Youth & Family Events

(Non Scheduled at this time)

Please contact Youth & Family Services Director Courtney Gallaher
at 888-474-6448 for ongoing events and activities in Illinois.