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The Hero’s Journey: Awakening to Yourself as Soul (Moline, IL)

Explore simple contemplative exercises to recognize yourself as Soul, an eternal spiritual being on a journey home to God. Learn ways to shift your consciousness within and connect with the source of all truth. Join us in person in Moline, IL, for free ECK Light and Sound Service.

Have You Heard “The Call of Soul”? Free Book and Spiritual Discussion on Zoom

Covers Chap. 5 “The Power of Chanting” and Chap. 6 “The Transforming Power of the Spiritual Exercises of ECK.” Receive free copy of The Call of Soul  book by Harold Klemp (includes CD with Dream and Soul Travel techniques). Spiritual discussion meets monthly from June–Nov 2023, free on Zoom. Attend any or all!

The Awakened Soul Is a Natural Survivor (Moline, IL)

Quad Cities Eckankar Center 523 16th Street, Moline, IL, United States
Join us in person at an ECK Light and Sound Service (ELSS) in Moline, IL. Discover spiritual exercises to overcome fear and live with divine love in your heart. Tap into your creative ability as Soul to survive and thrive in this world.